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Physiology 3140A
Donglin Bai

Synaptic Plasticity • Plastic = changeable • Synaptic plasticity o Change in synaptic strength o Occurs during development of the brain & during learning & memory o Relates to amplitude of EPSP or IPSP • Short-term o Ex. remembering a phone # o 1 stimulation EPSP nd st nd  2 stimulation (same intensity as 1 ) – 2 response is larger  Pair-pulse facilitation (PPF) st o 1 stimulation IPSP  2 stimulation (same intensity as 1 ) – 2 response is smaller  Pair-pulse inhibition/depression (PPI/D) o Readily-releasable pool of synaptic vesicles at the presynaptic terminal varies with different synapses & following previous stimulation  [Ca ] at presynaptic terminal is critical for vesicle releasing of neurotransmitter  Low probability synapse: each presynaptic AP only releases a small proportion of ready-releasable pool  High probability synapse: each presynaptic AP releases majority of ready-releasable pool o Lasts for a few seconds or shorter – increase interval between two stimulations get smaller (but still larger) responses but after 10 seconds you don’t see any facilitation • Long-term o Long-term potentiation (LTP) – increasing synaptic responses, cellular correlate of memory o Long-term depression (LTD) – diminishing synaptic responses, cellular correlate of
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