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Political Science 1020E Chapter Notes -Mixed Government, Res Publica, John Stuart Mill

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E

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Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal
Pages 25 - 41
4 October 2011
Democracy and Republic:
- "republic" dervies from the Latin "res publica" = "the public thing," or "public
The Republic and Mixed Government:
- Polybius came up with the theory that everyone powerful empire or country is
doomed to decline (history and nature tells us that no human creation lasts
- The Roman Republic was a mixed government because the monarchy, the
aristocracy, or the democracy held all power
- balanced all three regimes in a way that provided the benefits of each form
while avoiding its defects
- democracy promoted the self-interested rule of the common people while a
republic promoted virtue
- virtue was the ability of an individual to rise above personal or class interest to
place to the good of the whole community above one's own
Christianity and Democracy:
- everyone is equal in the eyes of God
- early Christian were anti-political
- Earth is prep for Heaven, so the affairs of Earth have no true value of lasting
- Christians beleved that you should obey those inpower and seek no power
Renaissnace and Republicanism:
- rebirth
- key concpets in the republican discourse was liberty, virtue, and corruption
(Niccolo Machiavelli)
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