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Rulebook for Arguments 46-65

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E

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A Rulebook for Arguments
Page 46-65
3 October 2011
Extended Arguments:
29) Explore the issue:
- don't pick a position right away
- even if you have a position, do not just dash off the first agrument that occurs to
- look at arguments for all sides
30) Spell out basic ideas as arguments:
- aim for a relatively short arguments at first (3-5 premises)
- make an outline, it will capture a basic idea
- get a large sheet of scratch paper
31) Defend basic premises with arguments of their own:
- you will develop your defense
- basic premise needs support of their own
- will take some time to find evidence for each premise (concrete examples)
- you may even charge your premise
32) Consider Objections:
- thing for both sides
- makes it look like you did your homework, and you have explored the issue with
an open mind
- ask "what are the best arguments against the conclusion you are working on?"
to yourself
33) Consider Alternatives:
- self explanatory
Arugmentative Essays:
34) Jump Right in:
- get right into it
- dont have a long introduction
35) Make a definite claim or proposal:
- be specific
- don't make your own essay seem inconclusive
36) Your Argument is Your Outline:
- just summarize it
- put it into a consisee paragraph
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