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Chapter 10

Political Science 2246E Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Rape Crisis Center, Merit System, Visible Minority

Political Science
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Political Science 2246E
Joseph Lyons

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Women & the Public Sector
o The relationship of women to the public sector is a detailed account of
government machinery
o One of the major themes of the modern feminist movement has been to
contest the definitions and boundaries of public and private and to argue
both for the presence of women in the public realm
o The public sector has certain characteristics greater reliance on formal
rules and formal procedures that suggests it might be easier for women to
enter and to be promoted within the public bureaucracies than within the
market sector
o Women have been employed in the federal public service since the 1870s
o Women had entered the public sector in part because the salaries were
so low that men were not attracted to the civil service
o Merit and women were seen as contradictory; women were seen ‘as
having limited abilities; as needing to be protected; and as willing to work
for less’
The merit system prevailed and the modern federal civil service was
developed on a highly gendered basis
o The federal government was the largest employer of women in Canada
with more than 81,000 women employed
o The report of the commission is important in regard to women and the
public sector for a number of reasons
First of all, it underlined the dramatic imbalance of power and of
good jobs and, in terms of a concern for increasing gender equality
Second, it articulated a justification for federal action the federal
government was to be a model of commitment to working women
Third, by its recommendations relating to the need for support for
voluntary associations it articulates the basis for alliances and
coalitions between people working within the government and
women active in women’s groups
o Employment equality involved the development of plans by each federal
department and agency for the fairer representation of women, disabled
persons, aboriginal people and members of visible minorities
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