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The heroicness of war lures people, however fear is the greatest element attached to war
Film makes it extremely difficult to understand the implications of war, we can’t hear
bombshells or smell rotting bodies
People seem to forget that the cars seen in movies from being blown up in real life were prized
possessions to some, and were worked hard for
When abandoned on the side of a highway it was because the only way to escape to live was to
Illusion that once peace is achieved in a war that all violence ends, this is wrong once a city
experiences violence as a way to achieve goals, they are often never free from violence again; it
is a plague
Once a man enters into war he often loses all moral sensibilities, he must fight to stay alive and
that is what he does
Debilitating mental and physical destruction that comes with prolonged exposure to war’s
These men often drink to forget what they’ve done, once they kill once it becomes easier to do
it again
‘lust of the eye’ – god like empowerment men feel once they’ve killed
It is the dead who rule they urge countries from beyond the grave to fight for revenge in their
name. It is the fallen who perpetuate the violence that was enacted upon them
Those who partake in war soon learn that killing people is not the way to solve problems, it is
only a way to grow a greater ap between two countries
There seems to be an inextricable link between sex and wartime violence, ever since the timing
of Greek warfare
War breaks down long established prohibitions, these deteriorate the long standing morality
and societal norms evident within a society
In wartime everyone almost becomes an accomplice, people have to fight along their fellow
man in order to save their own lives and the lives of their families
These dislocations are usually a deliberate part of modern warfare created by a country
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