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American apparel companies knowingly used suppliers in developing countries that
practices indentured servitude, used child labor and repressed anf failed to pay their
The American public took notice of an international problem that linked Walmart
shoppers with children in developing countries more directly than anyone had ever
understood before
Although this outsourcing had similarities to the type of corporate decisions that led to
sweatshops, it had a distinctly middle-class dimension
Global factory which is an important aspect of globalization
Corporations extend their brand names and products into every corner of the world in
the hope of establishing new markets for their goods
The global factory arose from modern innovations such as the assembly line process
Sweatshops are nothing new. Workers especially women- have been required to
labour in cramped, dangerous conditions since the Industrial Revolution in the 1950s
Sweatshops became a target of labour and humanitarian activists
Sweatshops and debt bondage (where a loan is provided to cover a working fee that is
paid off over a period of time, during which the worker is forced to stay on) were
particularly prevalent in the textile industry
Where new downward price pressures were becoming particulary intense in part
because of hte international market forced mentioned earlier
Labour department and activists, the result was a relatively weak set of standards
guaranteeing only that corporations will work to abide by local labour standards in
whatever country they operate
Social accountability 8000 code, a laundry list of basic workplace standards that gratn
firms SA8000 certification and the right to affix a no sweat label to their products
For most Americans the question of sweatshops is a relatively distant and abstract one
The result has been the loss of many jobs held by people with advanced egrees and high
200,000 white collar jobs lost to Indian and other firms as a result of outsourcing in the
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