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A pure collective goods is one that does not belong to any one player, it cannot be
withheld from any one player but is available to all
This is not to say that a collective good is free, requires considerable sacrifice and
This situation emerges in international affairs where sovereign states have problems
that are inherently trans-boundary in nature
States may insist that those who have casued the most damage historically should be
expected to pay the most for the repair now
The creation of a collective good requires a single player able and willing to absorb most
of the costs of its creation and maintenance. Such an actor is called a hegemon
Since the industrial revolution at the end of the 18th century, humanity especially the
peoples of the west has been burning fossil fuels at a tremendous rate, in contrast to
the entirety of human experience to that point.
Second, earths surface temperature has been moving inexorably higher over the past
hundred years
Conservative estimates indicate that the planet may continue warming at the rate of 3-4
degrees per century unless some intervention occurs to reverse the trend
For countries that are already tropical, the resulting changes in rainall could lead to
desertification of some areas, ocean temperatures will rise contributing to
intensification of tropical storm
These changes will, bring about important socioeconomic changes
Considerable resistance emerges in seeking alternatives to fossil fuels
Dramatic changes would require considerable research to develop new products
Developing south is industrializing at a rapid rate and is expected to emit a large share
of global warming ases
The forests are being eliminated in part to provide farmland to the growing populations
of the developing world, which also increases demand for fossil fuels the problem is
thus exacerbated doubly
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