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Chapter Donnelly 11: Human rights, Democracy and Development

Political Science 3388E Chapter Donnelly 11: Human rights, Democracy and Development: Political Science 3388E Chapter : 3388

Political Science
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Political Science 3388E
Peter Ferguson
Donnelly 11: Human rights, Democracy and Development

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Donnelly 11: Human rights, Democracy and
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
9:25 PM
Contemporary language of legitimacy
Democracy has become a ground for legitimacy
Pattern that has occurred since end of cold war
Human rights norms require a democratic gov
Section 21 of UNDHR: will of people shall be basis of authority of gov
Democracy is not required for development but it can help w transparency and
accountability - helps w economic growth for national development rather than
private gain
Much of the appeal of human rights/democracy rests w the success of western states
Economically well off, welfare state (redistribution of wealth)
Political: openly competitive electoral systems; strong consensus based on political
Most of population enjoys rights
Balance of economy, democracy and individual rights
Defining democracy
Vienna declaration: democracy is based on the freely expressed will of people to determine
their own political, cultural, economic, and social systems and their full participation in all
aspects of their lives
Democracy stems from Greek roots; meaning rule by the people
Throughout history, democracy has been opposing claims to authority by competing
social classes
David held: form of gov in which the people rule
Held's meaning of what is means for people to rule
Govern by legislating, deciding general policy, applying laws and gov administration
Be involved in crucial decision-making - deciding general laws and matters of general
Rulers should be accountable to ruled; justify actions and can be removed by ruled
Rulers should be accountable to representatives of ruled
Rulers should be chosen by ruled
Rulers should be chosen by reps of ruled
Should act in interest of ruled
People must be gov's source to rule, have a central role
Rousseau: will of people is determined by consulting them directly or through reps
Advocates for general will - will of collective rather than individuals/special groups
Democracy and human rights
Democracy allocates sovereign authority to the people; collective empowerment
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