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Political Science 4426F/G Chapter Notes -Nuremberg, Guesstimate, Aktion T4

Political Science
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Political Science 4426F/G
James S Quinn

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TPC Ch 5 - Holocaust: The Gypsies, Sybil Minton
4:56 PM
1.25-1.5 million Gypsies & Sinti murdered during the Holocaust
oContentions that the Nazis did not have a specific policy regarding the
Gypsies is erroneous
Idea of the "Gypsy Plague"
oThe lack of secondary literature regarding the fate of the Roma & Sinti
has influenced current historical analyses
oPrevious to the Nazi regime, there were discriminatory laws towards
Exacerbated by established stereotypes of them as vagabonds,
asocials, criminals and racially inferior aliens
1899: Bavaria had an Information Agency on Gypsies
Many other states required their registration
Nazis developed parallel racial regulations against the Jews, Gypsies and the
oLaw for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Defects
Resulted in involuntary sterilization
oLaw Against Habitual Criminals
Permitted their incarceration in concentration camps
oDenaturalization Law & Expulsion Law
Used to expel foreign and stateless Gypsies from German soil
oNuremburg Racial Laws
Classified Gypsies (with Jews & Africans) as racially distinctive
minorities with "alien blood"
Marriages between Germans and any of the pure/mixed
above were forbidden
Deprived of their civil rights
Defined as genetic criminals
oMarch 1936 Memorandum
Recommended the a total solution to the Gypsy Problem
Expulsion of foreign and stateless Gypsies
Restrictions on freedom of movement and on issuing
licenses for trade
Increased police surveillance
Sterilization of Gypsies of mixed ancestry
Complete registration
Confinement in a special Gypsy reservation
oTestimony at Nuremburg that the Nazis placed the same importance
on killing Jews and Gypsies
Berlin-Marzahn - July 16, 1936
o600 Gypsies arrested and sent to this camp
oWas near cemetery and sewage dump, which is against Gypsy cultural
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