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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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Politics 1020 They Say I Say: The Move That Matter in Academic Writing – Graff & Birkenstein They Say - Start with what “they” are saying: o Summarize what they say as soon as you can in your text - Remind reads of it at strategic points as your text unfolds - Give readers a quick preview of what is motivating your argument o Do not drown them in details right away - Indicate something about the arguments that you are supporting, opposing, and qualifying - Start with an illustrative quote, revealing fact, statistic, or relevant anecdote - Return to the “they say” to keep the reader interested - To introduce what others are saying: o “A number of sociologists have recent suggested that…” o “It has become common today to dismiss…” o “In their recent work, Y and Z have offered harsh critiques of ___ for ___” - The art of summarizing: o Balance what the original other is saying while emphasizing the points that interest you o Be respectful to others o Put yourself in their shoes o General argument -> Two main supporting claims -> Emphasis on writer’s main concern - Verbs for making a claim o Argue o Assert o Believe o Claim o Emphasize o Insist o Observe o Remind us o Report o Suggest - Verbs for expressing agreement o Acknowledge o Admire o Agree - Verbs for expressing agreement o Corroborate o Reaffirm o Support o Do not deny o Verify - Verbs for questioning or disagreeing o Complain o Complicate o Contend o Contradict o Deny o Deplore the tendency to o Qualify o Question o Refute o Reject o Renounce - Verbs for making recommendations o Advocate o Call for o Demand o Encourage o Implore o Plead o Recommend o Urge o Warn - The art of quoting: o Introduce it, quote it, explain it I Say - Agree and disagree simultaneously - Disagree a
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