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Chapter 3

ITPP Chapter 3

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E

An Introduction to Political Philosophy Chapter 3 (62-77) 29 September 2011 - democracy: government of the people, by the people, for the peopl - it exists for the sake of its citizens (not for the rules) - 1st tension: - majority rule (votes) - consideration for individuals (those who didnt vote for you) - everyone needs to be treated fairly (protection) - 2nd tension: - "representation" and "direct" models of democracy - vote for or against laws and policies (direct) - Plato is against democracy - "the people" could be the mob, democracy is a mob rule - "people" may not be qualified (if you were sick, you wouldnt talk to your dog, you would talk to your doctor) - they may have no skill judgement (Plato says leave it to the experts), they would need training Problems with Guardianship: - Plato believes in dictatorship, leave it to the experts - they may however be corrupt (Plato says eliminate what makes them corrupt) - they may however break or change this law, so you cant eliminate what makes them corrupt - the rules would be picked out at an early age, and undergo training which allows them to be experts (work like an army) - but most people wouldnt have the benefits of a philosophical education Knowledge and Interests: - rulers need experts knowlege (Plato) - is there a real expert in politics? Not r
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