Political Science 2237E Chapter 105-136: 2237 Cahn 105-136

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Political Science
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Political Science 2237E
Richard Vande Wetering

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Political Science 2237 November 17, 2016 Cahn 105136 Book Six Which of the two (philosophers vs. nonphilosophers) are thought capable of guarding the laws and customs and be appointed the guardians of the city? o Whether a blind man or one with keen sight is the right person to guard and keep anything o Philosophers love all learning that reveals to them something of being which is always and does not wander about on account of generation and decay Willingly resign no part of it They are without falsehood and dont willingly admit any falsehood and hate it but love the truth Concerned with only the pleasures of the soul and abandon those in which the body is instrumental Moderate and not a money lover Impossible to be unjust or hard to deal with Bound to pursue with absolute devotion the truth o Pernicious influences that destroy the good nature of a philosopher: The best natures, when reared badly, turn bad The very elements of the philosophic nature, when subjected to a bad upbringing, are in a way the causes of a mans falling away from the pursuit of philosophy Which of the constitutions of our time is suitable to philosophy? o None o The made up city is the only one suitable for the philosophic nature The perfect just city will not emerge until the few philosophers accept the care for the city and the city finds itself compelled to be obedient to them o Not impossible, but difficult It is right to regard knowledge and truth as resembling the good but wrong to identify them either with the good Four dispositions of the soul: o Understanding o Reasoning o Trust o Imagination Book Seven The Cave metaphor A person cannot reach beyond what they are destined for because theyll fall back down to where they came from Only in a good city the rulers can live better lives than as being kings
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