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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Saint Augustine November-20-12 12:13 PM  Alternative definition of society o A society is a group united by a common object of love o To assess the moral quality of a society, it is necessary to look at what it loves o What holds societies together is simply their citizens' common desire for peace  The peace that the Romans tried to establish was a peace on their own terms, one that gave them domination over others o Goes against the true peace of the City of God  The aim of the City of god is to glorify the city of God by comparing it with "cities of other allegiance" The City of God Book XIX Chapter 12  There is no one who does not wish to have peace  By means of war they desire to achieve peace with glory  For every man seeks peace, even in making war; but not one seeks war by making peace o Even those we seek to disrupt an existing state of peace do so to exchange the present peace for their own choosing (peace)  All men then desire to have peace with their own people, whom they wish to see living according to their will o For they wish to make even those against whom they wage wars their own if they can and to subdue them by imposing upon them the laws of the
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