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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Jeremiah Pariag250574845Case Study The New Computer Software PurchaseWhat do you anticipate will be some of George Perrys major difficulties in trying to implement the new computer system in his own unit the Case Management Secretariat at the CIRBIn The New Computer Software Purchase it is evident that George Perry will be facing many difficulties while trying to implement the new computer system into his unit The CIRB will be implementing the first new computer software shift in several years George Perry the supervisor of the Case Management Secretariat unit within the CIRB manages 20 employees all of which will have to make the switch to the new system This shift will undoubtedly prove to be very difficult for Perry to accomplish effectively The main difficulties which Perry will have to face are negative employee reactions difficulties in transitions and maintaining subordinate productivity and efficiency after the switch is madeFirstly George Perry will face the difficulty of CIRB employees having negative reactions Because the CIRB has opted to gradually phase out the older system all employees will be forced to preform double entries which effectively doubles their workload Because the C
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