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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

09242012Pariag Jeremiah250574845Case Study The Offensive CommentIn this situation I believe that Jordan Michaels is completely at fault Jordan Michaels has taken a medical leave and aided by the recommendation by Phillip Gaston he was also granted an extended sick leave by the secretary of the Treasury Board which gave Michaels a onetimeonly extension which then allowed him to receive his full salary When Michaels returns to work he feels that it is not his obligation to provide a medical note from his physician stating his current medical status When the conflict between Michaels and Gaston furthers Michaels make a completely offensive remark towards Gaston There are several reasons why Jordan Michaels should be at fault in this situationFirstly I believe that Jordan Michaels is wrong on insisting that a medical note is unnecessary Jordan Michaels took an extended leave during which an exception was
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