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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Pariag Jeremiah250574845Case Study A Person of InfluenceBy advising Terrence Weston that he will not receive either an extension of his probationary contract or an appointment to a permanent position unless his report writing improves significantly Stan Waters has not made a careerlimiting move Terrence Weston an employee within the MAG Ministry of the Attorney General has not been meeting the expectations of the director of human resources Stan Waters However Weston has apparent connections within the government and he uses many instances to state this assertion Many employees spread the word that Weston is not well liked within the workplace however he maintains that he is an asset to the MAG and believes that he contributes intangibly Despite his connections Waters has been able to perform his role adequately by confronting him about his work flaws Firstly Waters has given Weston multiple warnings and indications that his output was unacceptable Second Waters is only asking Weston to perform what is expected of anyone in his role and he has not personalized the issue Lastly even though Weston emphasizes his connections Waters has shown to remain stern and impartial which shows that he is not engaging in any for
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