The Clash of emotions

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

The Clash of Emotions Fear Humiliation Hope and the New World Order Dominique Moisi Thirteen years ago Samuel Huntington argued that a clash of civilizations was about to dominate world politics with culture along with national interests and political ideology becoming a geopolitical fault line The clash of civilizations Summer 1993 Events since then have proved Huntingtons vision more right than wrong Yet today it might be the word is facing a clash of emotions The western world displays a culture of fear the Arab and Muslim words are trapped in a culture ofhumiliation and much of Asia displays a culture of hope The culture of humiliation in contrast helps unite the Muslim world around its most radical forces and has led to a culture of hatred The Culture of Fear The united states and Europe are divided by a common culture of fear A fear of other a fear of the future and a fundamental anxiety about the loss of identity in an increasingly complex world There is the fear of being invaded by the poor primarily from the South a fear driven by demography and geography Today Africans are being killed because they want to escape absolute absolute poverty Europeans also fear being blown up by radical Islamists or being demographically conquered by them as their continent becomes a Eurabia Europeans have started to face the hard reality that their homelands are not only targets for terrorists but also bases from them Then there is also a fear of being left behind economically Finally their is a fear of being ruled by an outside power even a friendly one such as the United States or a faceless on such as the European Commission What unites all these fears is a sense of loss of control over ones territory secuirty and identity in short ones destiny The quarrel over the Spanish version of the American national anthem echoes the debate over the wearing of headscarves and veils in Europe European countries Americans do not fear economic decay the way Europeans do
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