The Clash of Globalization

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

Advance Politics October 27th Stanley Hoffman The Clash of Globalizations pp 8699 in The Clash of Civilizations The Debate a Foreign Affairs reader Read on WebCTThe dominant tension of the decade was the clash between the fragmentation of states of states and the state system and the progress of economic cultural and political integration in other words globalization Terrorism is the bloody link between interstate relations and global society Sound and Fury Francia Fukyyamas End of History thesiswas not vindicated by events his argument predicted the end of ideological conflicts not history itself and the triumph of political and economic liberalismthe Secular religions that fought each other so bloodily in the last century are now dead But he failed to not that nationalism remains much alive Samuel Huntington provided a few years later a gloomier account that saw a very different world he predicted that violence resulting from international anarchy and the absence of common values and institutions would erupt among civilizations rather than among states or ideologies The realist orthodoxy insists that nothing has changed insists that nothing has changed in the international relations since Thucydides and Machiavelli a states military and economic power determines its fate interdependence and international institutions are secondary and fragile phenomena and states objectives are imposed by the threats to their survival or secuirty Moreover it overlooks the need for international cooperation that results from such new threats as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction And it ignores what the scholar Raymond Aron called the germ of a universal consciousness the liberal pro market norms that developed states have come to hold in common Many scholars today interpret the world in terms of a triumphant globalization that submerges boarders through new means of information and communication In this universe a state choosing to stay closed invariably faces decline and growing discontent among its subjects who are eager for material progress Back to Reality
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