Clash of Globalizations

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Political Science
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Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

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Readings Week 7 Online Hoffman Clash of Globalizations A NEW PARADIGM y The end of communist coercion in the former Soviet Union also revealed longhidden ethnic tensions y Increased the importance of humanitarian interventionsy Globalization makes an awful form of violence easily accessible to hopeless fanatics SOUND AND FURY y Francis Fukuyamas End of History thesis his argument predicted the end of ideological conflict y Triumph of political and economic liberalism y Fukuyama failed to note nationalism remains very much alive y Huntington predicted that violence resulting from international anarchy and the absence of common values and institutions would erupt among civilizations y He failed to take into account sufficiently conflict within each socalled civilizationy He overestimated the importance of religion in the behaviour of nonWestern elites y A tate choosing to stay clos
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