Clash of Emotions

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Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

Readings Week 8 Online Moisi Clash of Emotions INTRODUCTION y The western world displays a culture of fear the Arab and Muslim worlds are trapped in a culture of humiliation and much of Asia displays a culture of hope y The west more often divided by them how best to confront or transcend them y Culture of humiliation in contrast helps unite the Muslim world around its most radical forces led to a culture of hatred y Culture of hope who have been able to concentrate on creating a better future for themselves CULTURE OF FEAR y A fear of the other anxiety about the loss of identityy Europeans also fear being blown up by radical Islamists y Homelands are not only targets for terrorists but also bases for them y Fear of being left behind economically globalization has come to be equated with destabilizationy Finally there is the fear of being ruled by an outside power y Americans do not only fear economic decay the way
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