Religion Overlooked in IR

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

Readings Week 9 Online Fox Religion Overlooked in IR INTRODUCTION y Influence of religion has received comparatively little attention in IR y It tends to be addressed within the context of some other category such as institutionsWHY ITS OFTEN OVERLOOKEDy IR have their origin in the rejection of religion y Voltaire argued that an age of enlightenment would replace superstition and authoritarian religious order y Political scientists believed that modernization would reduce the political significance of primordial phenomena such as ethnicity and religion y Disagreement over whether either of these processes is in fact occurring y Scholars often suggest that modernization actually ld to a resurgence of religion rdy First attempts at modernization have been unsuccessful in much of the 3 world and have undermined local traditions and community values y Modernity has caused an expansion of the operating spheres of both religious movements and governments resulting in a confrontation between the two
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