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Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

THE SEDUCTION OF BATTLEThe heroicness of war lures people however fear is the greatest element attached to warFilm makes it extremely difficult to understand the implicationsof war we cant hear bombshells or smell rotting bodies People seem to forget that the cars seen in movies from being blown up in real life were prized possessions to some and were worked hard forWhen abandoned on the side of a highway it was because the only way to escape to live was to runIllusion that once peace is achieved in a war that all violence ends this is wrong once a city experiences violence as a way to achieve goals they are often never free from violence again it is a plague Once a man enters into war he often loses all moral sensibilities he must fight to stay alive and that is what he doesDebilitating mental and physical destruction that comes with prolonged exposure to wars addictionThese men often drink to forget what theyve d
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