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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

THE ISRAELIPALESTINIAN ROAD BLOCKREADINGS INTROIncluding economic and cultural integration wit the EU and NATO guarantees for the security of the Israeli stateThe Palestinian refugee question would be subject to resolution under an international umbrella that embraces all the stakeholders in this issue EUROPEAN PARALYSISThe unilateral implementation by the Israeli government of a separation plan that sections off Palestinian population centers behind a combination of walls and fences will exacerbate rather than solve the conflictEurope could actually break the impasse by reframing its relationship with IsraelRelations between Israel and Europe are deterioratingLittle through has been devoted to how to reframe Israeli thinking b inducements rather than pressure and certainly not as an incentive to detach from the regionWhich makes peace dependent on the Israelis and Palestinians learning to trust each other and finding a way to live togetherInterests of a twostate solution with a state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel than to lament from the sidelines as the situation drifts towards apartheidThe Israeli leadership refuses to accept European criticism of its policies as anything other than antiSemitismAmericans have little tolerance for what they see as European passivity over the activities of the Lebanese Islamist movement HezbollahEU with allowing funds to pass from the Palestinian authority into the hands of Palestinian militants be they associated with the secularist Fatah movement or with Hamas and other IslamistsUs assumption that this can come about only if the Palestinians change their spots DEFERRING TO WASHINGTONThe president made realization of his vision conditional on political reforms that would remove veteran Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat from the centre of power in the PA in the West Bank and GazaEU opted to go along with this requirement in the interests of reactivating the peace process
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