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Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

NATURE OF RELIGIOUS TERRORISM – READINGS INTRO  Religious terrorism sometimes called sacred terrorism  Religion defines several important aspects of al-Qaeda: its ultimate aim, the constituency to which it seeks to appeal and the well-known religious concepts which it uses to motivate its operatives THE FOURTH WAVE  First wave was distinguished by assassination, the second by military targeting and the third by hostage-taking  Fourth is distinguished by suicide bombing TERRORISM AND POLITICAL EVENTS  The conventional wisdom is that Islam has always been pre-eminently dedicated to delivering a moral message aimed at transforming social existence in this world  The idea that politics and religion are inseparable in Islam  The immediate objectives of the Soviet Union, ultimately differed little in kind from those of most other states AL-QEDA’S OBJECTIVES  Nature of al-Qaeda as an activist rather than a theoretical group  Al-Qaeda even the least strategically skilled Arabs realized than an attack on America was not a wise move  The propaganda of the deed  Al-Qaeda was guided by a strategy that has been well known in certain circles for over a century, and that the primary objective of the deed of 9/11 was not its direct impact on America but rather its indirect propaganda impact on al-Qaeda potential supporters PROVOCATION OR IRREGULAR WARFARE  Propaganda of the deed – the act of provocation  The consequence of the anarchists of this and similar disappointments was not the abandonment of the idea of the propaganda of the deed  Violence used would exceed all conventions and transgress all boundaries AFTER 9/11  Saddam had been betrayed by senior commanders who had made a secret deal with the Americans – sad awareness that the insurrection had failed  The Iraqi people had failed, had failed Saddam  It is a dangerous fallacy to suppose that people intent the consequences of their actions  Bin Laden’s somewhat hopeful description of the impact of those bombings can certainly be taken as evidence of what he had hoped would be their impact FROM EUROPE TO PESHAWAR
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