China and India

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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

Readings Week 5 Snow CHINA AND INDIA sty 21 century significant rise of two states China and India y China rose first beginning its ascent in the late 1970s as both an economic and political rival to the existing great powers and its international challenge remains controversial RISING POWERS y Dominant powers dominance will be eclipsed by the emergence of some different country or countries y Increased military economic or other power is or has the potential to play a more prominent role in the international system y The degree and extent to which rising powers challenge the given order depends to a great degree on the areas in which the rising power seeks to influence the existing order and establish its own place y China stood largely outside the quantum leaps inwealth and power made possible by Western centered advances in modern science technology and industrialization since ththe 18 century
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