Irresolvable Conflicts

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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

READINGS WEEK6 SNOW IRRESOLVABLE CONFLICTS y Conflict is unavoidable ubiquitous aspect of international relations y A military resolution wherein one side imposes its will on the other is either impossible or unacceptable to the international community as a whole y Scarce resource normally involved is territory the scarceness of which arises from the fact that there are multiples claimants to sovereign control over a piece of territory over which one side can exercise sovereignty y The Kashmir question India or Pakistan should exercise the sovereignty oer the mountainous formerly princely state of Jammu y IsraeliPalestinian feud rule all or different parts of the prepartition territory once known as Palestine and has come to be centered on the Israelioccupied West Bank of the Jordan river y Second characteristic is that these territorial conflicts tend to be extremely emotional deep and fundamental y Fundamental source of division also makes compromise solutions extremely difficult to discover y Third this emotional fundamental base creates positions that become mutually exclusive andthat consequently require mutually exclusive outcomes y Which both sides can benefit a positivesum exercise or in which losses are equitably and acceptably apportioned negative sum games y Fourth this intractability resonates throughout the populations affected in such a way as to reinforce the unwillingness and unacceptability of compromise y A fifth shared characteristic is often the failure of outside mediation to the dispute toward resolution y The sixth characteristic is the inability of the parties to find acceptable outcomes to the conflict thereby guaranteeing its continuationy The only way to reach a conclusion may be through the imposition of a settlement favouring one side at the expense of the other which may be impossible for one of two reasons y One reason resources available to enforce a settlement to the other at least within acceptable bounds of resource expenditurey The imposition of force may be physically possible but geopolitically unacceptable Israel has maintained authority over a good bit of land jointly claimed by it and the Palestinians since at least 1967
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