Camp David Accords

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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

Readings Week 6 Stiles CAMP DAVID ACCORDS y Any effort to negotiate a new treaty or send economic aid governmental level of analysis and require serious attention on the part of any thorough scholar y Those who work in government are themselves products of American culture y Operate within a global environment that is often very inflexible y Generally speaking theworld environment is relatively stable and also rather demanding of its member y CDA is largely a story of several strong personalities taking advantage of historic opportunities involving changes at different levels of analysis HENRY KISSINGER AND THE 1973 WAR y This battle didnt produce a classic victory of the West over the East y Immediate cessation of hostilities and the beginning of a peaceful settlement y UN Security Council resolution 242 the resolution didnt stop the fighting thy On November 7 Anwar Sadat of Egypt for a 6 point program that provided for third army relief prisoner exchange and a future peace conference in Geneva y Major turning point in Egyptian policy y Israel and
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