Asymmetrical Warfare

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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

READINGS WEEK 8 SNOW ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE y War planning by definition is a projection into a future that does not yet exist and which cannot be known entirely in advance y Uncertainties produce an environment laced as well by an aura of conservatism and seriousness it is conservative because reckless innovation and lack of preparedness can lead to devastating vulnerabilities y Built in propensity to over prepare y 1990 Iraq invaded and quickly conquered Kuwait act of aggression activated a coalition of over 25 states y Symmetrical warfare on both sides fight in the same manner and basically by the same rules y Warfare is changing fundamentally from confrontation and clash of mass armies to a more asymmetrical form in which weaker foes seek to negate western styles with non western variantsy Preparing for future war four basic consideration1 Conflict environmentcontemporary conflicts often pit traditional armed forces against socalled nonstate actors 2 Physical structure of warfaremeans available for adversaries to fight one another 3 Determining against whom one might have to fightthat has not witnessed a major war in over 65 years 4 Factor is the postwar peace what conditions will be created y Fighting against unconventional opponents complicates the task of planning and executing stable post conflict peace arrangements NEW VS OLD WAR y Rivalry has receded to economic competition with very little potential to escalate to armed violence y Weaker countries cannot compete own symmetrical terms and this must turn to other asymmetrical means of competition y Asymmetrical warfare features the adaptions an inferior force makes when it is faced witha more powerful force with which it cannot compete successfullyCONFLICT ENVIROMENT y Virtually no likelihood of the major war between the most powerful countries
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