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Political Science
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Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

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Readings Week 9 Stiles INTERVENTION yJustify intervention is the desire to spread liberal values and block the encroachment of Communist ideology y Doctrine declares that where innocent civilians are suffering extreme abuseespecially genocidethe world in general and the US in particular have a responsibility to protectHISTORY TO 1918 y Serbs considered Bosnia and Macedonia their rightful heritage based largely on medieval and ethnic considerationsy The question of territorial compensation aroused intense disagreement each nation felt its military victories had earned it more spoils of war than it was slated to receive y Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires were dismantled nationstates were formed organizing a united Yugoslavia y A draft constitution providing for Serbian participation Serbian monarchy it was accepted almost immediately1918 TO 1980 y Belgrade hoped to instil a sense of nat
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