Al Qaeda

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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

Readings Week 11 Stiles TERRORISM AL QAEDA y January 2002 tens of billions of dollars of new spending were approved for homeland security a vast international antiterror coalition was formed 1 Terrorism involved violence against civilian targets 2 Terrorism has a political objective3 The terrorist expects that the political objective can be achieved by sowing fear y Note that terrorism differs markedly from two other violent phenomena found in international crime and warfare y International crime is conducted for the purpose of accumulating wealth violence and political machine means to that end y As theft and drug running pursued to finance their political acts and agenda y Combatants must wear uniforms refrain from targeting civiliansy Their objective in war is to incapacitate the enemyy Terrorists share a great deal with guerrillas both weaker than the governmentshit and run attacks and other low intensity tactics y Al
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