Conflict and Cooperation

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Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

READINGS WEEK 7 SNOW CONFLICT AND COOPERATION y Sovereignty the bedrock principle of international relations y Means exclusive political authority over territory and people maintaining and protecting national sovereignty is a core value of the members of the international system y Challenges the sovereignty against those who are the objects of that forceSOVEREIGNTY y War and whether sovereignty permits acts of war under different circumstances y Whether the US action represented a fundamental challenge to the most basic principle of the international system state sovereignty y National security state that became a popular depiction during the Cold War was based in the need to protect the states supreme authority over its territory from predators that threatened that authority y This view dismantling sovereignty is the necessary prerequisite for world peace y Indifference toward humanity in the guise of sovereignty THE CONCEPT OF SOVEREIGNTY y Has 3 distinct elements that collectively define what it means to possess sovereignty 1 Is
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