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Political Science
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Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

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Readings Week 15Snow Chapter 7Pivotal States and IranPRECISTheir ability to influence global politics may not compare favourably to the capability of the most powerful countries they nonetheless are consequential within the range of their influenceRegional pivotal states interests are likely to be more important to it within a region than the major powers interests in that region are to itThe pivotal states power is more proximate and may be easier to apply than that of the major powerIran is arguably the pivotal state in the Middle East as a whole The worlds second oldest existing state has been a major powerIran views itself as the most consequential state in the regionbelieves its interests are of paramount importance in the region and even beyondIran constitutes the single most important single state challenge to the USMilani considers itself as an
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