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Nigmendra Narain

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READINGS WEEK 24 STILES CHAPTER 16 GLOBALIZATION INTRODUCTIONAmerican apparel companies knowingly used suppliers in developing countries that practices indentured servitude used child labor and repressed anf failed to pay their workersThe American public took notice of an international problem that linked Walmart shoppers with children in developing countries more directly than anyone had ever understood beforeAlthough this outsourcing had similarities to the type of corporate decisions that led to sweatshops it had a distinctly middleclass dimensionGlobal factorywhich is an important aspect of globalizationCorporations extend their brand names and products into every corner of the world in the hope of establishing new markets for their goodsThe global factory arose from modern innovations such as the assembly line process SWEATSHOP DIMENSIONSweatshops are nothing new Workersespecially women have been required to labour in cramped dangerous conditions since the Industrial Revolution in the 1950sSweatshops became a target
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