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Nigmendra Narain

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READINGS WEEK 20 STILES CHAPTER 13 HUMAN SECURITY INTRODUCTIONEconomic security includes protection from cheap foreign imports excessive foreign borrowing foreign ownership of key domestic resources and so forthNeither approach ever pays enough attention to individualsAs many as 1000 people have died each day from various causes directly related to the conflict since its inceptionThe UN Commission on Human Security top 10 priorities 1 Protecting people in violent conflict 2 Protecting people from the proliferation of arms 3 Supporting the security of people on the move 4 Establishing human security transition funds for postconflict situations 5 Encouraging fair trade and markets to benefit the extreme poor 6 Working to provide minimum living standards everywhere 7 According higher priority to ensuring universal access to basic health case 8 Developing an efficient and equitable global system for patent rights 9 Empowering all people with universal basic education 10 Clarifying the need for a global human identity while respecting the freedom of individuals to have diverse identities and affiliationsCongo diseases spread more rapidly where institutions have degraded HISTORY OF PANDEMICSIllnesses are spreading due to urbanization and urban sprawl 0 unsafe practices on the part of individualsHave allowed diseases to spread much faster than otherwiseImmediate causes are explained by broader trends that include poverty and ignorancePoor nutrition undermines the immune system making all more vulnerable to infectionSocial discrimination may cause parts of the population to be exploited and thus become vulnerable to the spread of diseaseThe capitalist market pushes firms to pursue more lucrative drugs over vaccines for third world diseasesAnd technical innovations and lowered trade barriers make it far easier for people and products to move rapidly over international boundaries making it nearly impossible for anyone to be entirely safeThe drama of smallpox eradication came in the efforts to travel into the hinterland of poor countries
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