Readings Week 10: Donnelly

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 10 Donnelly 1 LIMITS OF MULTILATERAL ACTION y Multilateral machinery is largely restricted to promotional activities with limited monitoring powers y No judicial and no coercive aspects of international human rights are those that produce the greatest impact a International Reporting ProceduresInternational human rights obligations of states are implemented through national actionUltimately rest on the more or less voluntary willingness of states to discharge their obligationsWhatever pressure a supervisory committee can exert rests on its ability to either appeal to the good will and shared concerns of the stateIf a country is serious about its reporting obligation such reviews should help to guard against complacencyPeriodic reporting may also provide the occasion for national improvements in information gathering and processing that then serve as the basis for policy reformsThe way superv
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