Readings Week 9: Donnelly

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 9 Donnelly 1 HUMAN RIGHTS LEGITIMATE CONERN OF FOREIGN POLICY y The relativist or pluralist views international human rights policies as moral imperialism a Realist argumentRealists see international politics as a struggle between selfaggrandizing states in an environment of anarchyDisjunction between the individual world of moral relations ahd the world of collective actionAcademic realists and their brethren in foreign offices have therefore attempted to exclude moral concerns from foreign policyRealism reveals the danger of overemphasizing human rights Interests are not reducible to powerIn certain contingent circumstances it may be inside to pursue human rightsmay be determined empirically b Statist ArgumentStructured around the principle of sovereignty legalist argues that human rights must be excluded from foreign policy because what a state does wi
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