Readings Week 8: Orend

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 8 Orend WHO BEARS WHICH DUTIES y We have human rights only to those things both that we vitally need and that and that can be provided at reasonable cost y A claim is at the core of any rights claim is necessarily a claim on someone IDENTITY 1 PERSONS OR INSTITUTIONS y Dichotomy between individual persons and institutional structures y Pogge labels the common view the interactional or individuals reading y The problem with the individuals is that individuals are not the ones with the main impact y You and the villager on the other side of the world villagers bears duties correlative to your human rights y John Rawls called this the basic structure y Those institutions can have material impact on ones vital needsy Basic structure Pogge says is composed of largely constitutive ground rules that shape society y How the basic structure is put together produces over time effects on societies members which are profound pervasive inescapable and present from birth y The basic structure comes to establish the pa
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