Readings Week 7: Donnelly 2

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Political Science
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Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

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Readings Week 7 Donnelly NON WESTERN CONCEPTIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS y All societies have human rights notions the concept of human rights can be traced to the origin of the human race itself y Traditional societies typically have had elaborate system of duties y Argument is structural not a cultural y Culture in the following is highly problematic 1 ISLAM AND HUMAN RIGHTS y The basic concepts and principles of the human rights from the very beginning been embodied in Islamic lawlie at the core of Islamic law y All the of the basic regulating precepts of an Islamic political system that said lists involve either rights less duty or are rights held because on has a certain legal or spiritual status not simply because one is humany This makes human rights the privileges of only free adult Muslims Infidels receive only guarantees of life property and freedom of religion slaves only a right to life A woman will enjoy still another set of rights and duties y In Islam what matters is duty rather than rights and the rights that one does hold area consequence of ones status or actions y Islam
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