Readings Week1: Goodhardt

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Political Science
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Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

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Readings Week 1 Goodhardt WHY HUMAN RIGHTS y UNHR an abstract and non binding collection y Challenging the ideal of sovereignty and transforming relations among states y Becoming the dominant normative or moral discourse of global politics and a major standard of international legitimacy y Theres a conceptual background that deserves special emphasis 1 Human rights are distinctively modern 2 Human rights are a political invention 3 Human rights are inherently revolutionary THE MODERNITY OF HUMAN RIGHTS y Social roles that constituted society they were into his sense conservative normpreserving and stabilizing order preserving features of society reflecting a divine will or plan y Trends fostered humanism an emphasis on the achievements and potential of human beings rationalism an emphasis on reason and science rather than on a belief or superstition and individualism and focus on a persons rather than on groups or cl
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