Holocaust: The Gypsies

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Political Science
Political Science 4426F/G
James S Quinn

TPC Ch 5 - Holocaust: The Gypsies, Sybil Minton October-19-10 4:56 PM • 1.25-1.5 million Gypsies & Sinti murdered during the Holocaust o Contentions that the Nazis did not have a specific policy regarding the Gypsies is erroneous • Idea of the "Gypsy Plague" o The lack of secondary literature regarding the fate of the Roma & Sinti has influenced current historical analyses • History o Previous to the Nazi regime, there were discriminatory laws towards Gypsies • Exacerbated by established stereotypes of them as vagabonds, asocials, criminals and racially inferior aliens • 1899: Bavaria had an Information Agency on Gypsies • Many other states required their registration • Nazis developed parallel racial regulations against the Jews, Gypsies and the Handicapped o Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Defects • Resulted in involuntary sterilization o Law Against Habitual Criminals • Permitted their incarceration in concentration camps o Denaturalization Law & Expulsion Law • Used to expel foreign and stateless Gypsies from German soil o Nuremburg Racial Laws • Classified Gypsies (with Jews & Africans) as racially distinctive minorities with "alien blood"  Marriages between Germans and any of the pure/mixed above were forbidden • Deprived of their civil rights • Defined as genetic criminals o March 1936 Memorandum • Recommended the a total solution to the Gypsy Problem  Expulsion of foreign and stateless Gypsies  Restrictions on freedom of movement and on issuing licenses for trade  Increased police surveillance  Sterilization of Gypsies of mixed ancestry  Complete registration  Confinement in a special Gypsy reservation o Testimony at Nuremburg that the Nazis placed the same importance on killing Jews and Gypsies Berlin-Marzahn - July 16, 1936 • o 600 Gypsies arrested and sent to this camp o Was near cemetery and sewage dump, which is against Gypsy cultural taboos o Inadequate hygienic facilities • 3 w
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