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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes This is for Psych 2060, taken online, for the Muchinsky 9th Ed. textbook. These are very detailed and easy to understand notes on Chapter 1 that I made myself. Headings and bullets make it easy to read, and I assure you there is enough

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Psychology 2060
Hayden Woodley

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Chapter 1The Historical Background of IO Psychologypsychology the scientific study of thinking and behavioursome psychology is biological in nature while others are more social in natureAPAAmerican Psychological AssociationIndustrialOrganizational PsychologySociety for Industrial and Organizational Psychology SIOP professional organization that represents IO psychologists in the US it is Division 14 of the APAmany more women entering field of IO psychologypractice and science of the discipline have been influenced by the prevailing political cultural and economic forces operating at the time4 of psychologists work in IO areaIO psychology strives to enhance the welfare of the institution and the individualIO psychology an area of scientific study and professional practice that addresses psychological concepts and principles in the work world2 sides of IO psychologyoscientific inquiryadvancing knowledge about people at workform results of studies into meaningful patterns that can explain behaviouroprofessional practiceapplication of knowledge to solve real world problemscan use research to hire better employees reduce absenteeism improve communication increase job satisfaction etcscientistpractitioner model framework for education in an academic discipline based on understanding the scientific principles and findings evidenced in the discipline and how they provide the basis of the professional practiceIO psychologists are split between universities consulting firms industry and government but most of them are at universities and consulting firmsas of 2006 average income was 80 000 for MS graduates and 103 000 for PhD graduates in IO psychologyFields of IO Psychologyselection and placementoidentify jobs that are most compatible with an individuals skills and interestsodetermine to what degree tests can predict job performancetraining and development
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