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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes This is for Psych 2060, taken online, for the Muchinsky 9th Ed. textbook. These are very detailed and easy to understand notes on Chapter 4 that I made myself. Headings and bullets make it easy to read, and I assure you there is enough

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Psychology 2060
Hayden Woodley

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Chapter 4Predictors Psychological Assessmentspredictor any variable used to forecast a criterionoeg barometric pressure is used to forecast rainfallAssessing the Quality of PredictorsReliabilitypsychometric the measurement of properties of the mind the standard used to measure the quality of psychological assessmentsoconsists of reliability and validityreliability a standard for evaluating tests that refers to the consistency stability or equivalence of test scores often contrasted with validitytestretest reliability a type of reliability that reveals the stability of test scores upon repeated applications of the testocoefficient of stability used to measure the stability of a test overtime by correlating the two sets of scores from two different administrations of a testoreliability coefficients of around 0708 are professionally acceptableoshorter the time interval between the administration of tests the higher the coefficientequivalentform reliability a type of reliability that reveals the equivalence of test scores between two versions or forms of the testoalso known as parallel reliabilityocoefficient of equivalence used to measure the extent to which the two forms are equivalent measures of the same conceptorarely used because it is hard to come up with one good test let alone twooit is hard to construct two tests whose scores have similar meanings such that they are truly parallel measuresinternalconsistency reliability a type of reliability that reveals the homogeneity of the items comprising a testofrequently used in IO psychology to assess homogeneity of a testosplithalf reliabilitydivide items into odd and evennumbered itemstwo sets of scores are correlated if the test is internally consistent should have high degree of similarity between responses number ofrightwrong answersoCronbachs alpha or KuderRichardson 20 KR20each test item is treated like a minitestresponse of each item is correlated with the response of all the other itemsmatrix of interitem correlations is formed whose average is related to the homogeneity of the testinterrater reliability a type of reliability that reveals the degree of agreement among the assessments of two or more ratersofrequently used in IO psychologyoalso called conspect reliabilityoeg multiple job interviewers evaluating job candidatesomuch more subjectiveoestimation of interrater reliability is usually expressed as a correlation and reflects the degree of agreement among ratingsAssessing the Quality of PredictorsValidityvalidity a standard for evaluating tests that refers to the accuracy or appropriateness of drawing inferences from test scoresconstruct validity the degree to which a test is an accurate and faithful measure of the construct it purports to measureoconstructs are abstractionsideas that require a real tangible way to assess themoeg intelligence leadership motivation mechanical comprehensionoconvergent validity coefficients are the correlation coefficients between the scores from our new test of a construct and the existing measures of that constructoscores on the test should not be related to concepts that we know are not related to our constructlow divergent validity coefficientsotests that manifest a high degree of construct validity are the most widely respected and frequently used assessment instruments in IO psychologyoconstruct validation is the process of demonstrating evidence for five linkages or inferencesX is a measure of construct 1 Y is a measure of construct 2link between X and Y is the only one that can be tested because it is the only inference involving two variables that are directly measuredassess construct validity by assess links between X and construct 1 and Y and construct 2relationship between the two constructs can be used for constructing theories of job performance
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