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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes This is for Psych 2060, taken online, for the Muchinsky 9th Ed. textbook. These are very detailed and easy to understand notes on Chapter 1 that I made myself. Headings and bullets make it easy to read, and I assure you there is enough

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Western University
Psychology 2060
Hayden Woodley

Chapter 5Personnel DecisionsThe Social Context for Personnel Decisionpersonnel decisions influenced by organizational valuesoeg preference for hiring only applicants with superior credentialsorganizations operate within a social or cultural context in which they are embeddedcultural differences in what makes for a desirable employeeoWestern cultures consider nepotism undesirableviewed negativelyresults in unequal opportunity among job applicantsononWestern cultures consider nepotism desirablefamily member is a known commodity to the organization who can be trusted to be loyal and hardworkingsome organizations hire personnel more intuitively as opposed to scientificallyThe Legal Context for Personnel Decisions a designation for members of society who protected groupsare granted legal status by virtue of a demographic characteristic such as race gender national origin colour religion age and disabilityreasonable accommodation employers are required to modify or accommodate their business practices in a reasonablefashion to meet the needs of disabled persons eg installingramps for people in wheelchairsadverse impact a type of unfair discrimination in which the result of using a particular personnel selection method has anegative effect on protected group members compared withmajority group members often contrasted with disparate treatment a qualification bona fide occupational qualification BFOQfor a job that is reasonably necessary to the operation of that particular business or enterpriseRecruitmentrecruitment the process by which individuals are solicited to apply for jobsrecruitment and selection process is mutual both parties are engaged in assessing degree of fit with each othersocial validity the quality of the selection process that makes is acceptable to job applicants like face validity but for a selection process
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