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Chapter 1

Ch. 1 for People and Work in Canada 1st ED (online course)

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Western University
Psychology 2060
Sarah Ross

Chapter 1Intro to IO PsychTextbook Notes Vast majority of Canadians work in service sectorCanadian Society for IndustrialOrganizational Psychology CSIOP defines IO psych as IO psych is a field of both scientific research and professional practice that aims to further the welfare of people by understanding the behaviour of individuals and organizations in the work place helping individuals pursue meaningful and enriching work and assisting organizations in the effective management of their human resourcesIO psychologists share interests with health social and counseling psychologists Strong bg in psychometrics statistics and research methods Overlaps with organizational behaviour human resource mgmt and industrial relationsDraws on theories and methods of psych to understandimprove the workplace behaviourP 5 Box 11Competency areas in IO Psych TrainingFirst two books in IO were called Increasing Human Effici
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