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Chapter 4

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Chapter 4 Psych empirically → observable data - use theory for understanding, prediction and control - theory is a value (positive, negative or neutral) - descriptive sex research → “how many sexual partner have you had?” • no clear single best answer to collect sex research • physiological measures → measure the brain - Monica Moore went to singles bars and watched behaviors that women used that seemed to attract specific men into their orbit • Type I glance (finding washroom or a clock) • Type II glance • Type III glance - descriptive sex research taking a photograph of what is going on - Correlational Sex Research • male attractive behaviors increased shortly at the end of the „last call‟ at the bar • time and a single bar has a correlation - Experimental Sex Research → focused on cause and effect • essential to randomize participants in conditions • randomly assign participants to set everyone equal and not biased • experiments tell us whether A can cause B - sexual intercourse dropped on week 2 and 4 because they watched the same erotic film so they got bored, when they first saw new erotic films (week 1 and 3) more sexual intercourse between couples - went up for neutral films for sexual intercourse when watched the second time Sexual Anatomy: The Organ Recital Appearance of the Hymen is not Definitive - lots of way to change the appearance of the hymen (like horseback riding) Female External Genitalia: Vulvar Vestibulitis - General name for female genital pain is dyspareunia - Vaginismus → shuts, intercourse painful Female Genital Multination/Cutting - Type 1 clitoridectomy - Type 2 – removal of the clitoral hood - Type 3 – infibulation, cutting out the clitoris and stitching shut - not done hygienically, can interfere with sexual function, *cosmetic vaginal tightening doesn‟t appear to impair function, whereas the female genital cutting are concerned that it generally does impair function - 91.6% were satisfied with surgery (Michael Goodman study) Female Internal Genitalia - fallopian tube is fragile and its narrowest margin is as thick as a piece of spaghetti - cervix → lower end of uterus - pelvic inflammatory disease causes infertility - endometriosis, over grown of meteriosis tissue Cervix and Cervical Cancer - cervical cancer has drop 80% because of pap tests - 100% due to HPV (not 95% like stated in textbook) - Cerverix prevents HPV 16 and 18, Gardasil prevents HPV 16 and 18 and genital warts - 80% of Canadians get annual pap tests, 20% are the ones who get cervical cancer - Abby Lippmann wrote an article on MacLean‟s magazine article on HPV Breasts and Breast Cancer - breast feeding is highly recommended, perfect food for an infant - what could be wrong with self examination? Women think they have a problem and go under unnecessary screenings - mammography for women over the age of 50, start early if you have a family history of breast cancer - the only difference for women with larger breasts is that they have more fat - BRCA1 BRCA2 testing → breast cancer caused by genetic imperfections (breast cancer genes 1 and 2), is most common in Jewish women who‟s geographic origin is in Europe, and many Jewish women from a European background and history of breast cancer will choose to get BRCA1 and 2 testing, a test that is lin
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