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Chapter 17

Psychology 2075 Chapter 17: Chapter-17

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Chapter 17: Sex For Sale (Porn) Commercial Sex Work Commercial sex workers: person who engage in sexual acts in return for moneydrugs and do so in fairly nondiscriminating fashion o Engage in prostitution and receive money, material gifts, or some other form of payment for engaging in partners sexual activities Prostitution has never been illegal in Canada The criminal code of Canada prohibits: o Stopping cars o Impeding the flow of traffic o Communicating in public for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or obtaining the sexual services of a prostitute These offences are called communication offences Statute states prostitute can be person of either gender and both sex workers + customers can be charged Keeping or being found in a common body house (legal term for a place in which prostitution occurs), procuring (pimping) and living on money made from prostitution are also illegal Max sentences of these offences significantly higher than communication offences Massage parlor may be illegal if purpose of the massage parlor is to engage in prostitution or communication occurred about price of sexual service Criticism of the current law: o Although prostitution is legal, no clear guidelines where it can take place o Laws difficult to enforce and probability of arrest low o Laws do little to discourage prostitution Almost all charges for communication offenses involving street prostitution o Ppl working within massage parlors, escort services, brothels, and call operations rarely get charged o More sex workers than customers are charged and the sentences are more severe o More men who pay for sex with woman are charged and men who pay for sex with men Male police officers dont like to pose as prostitutes to entrap clients o Charges disproportionately laid against female sex workers In 2013, SCC unanimously struck down sections of CC dealing with prostitution as violating Charter o Gave government until December 2014 to emend legislation laws didnt immediately change o Court rules that although Parliament has power to impose conditions on how prostitutes operate, current conditions prevent sex workers from protecting themselves from risks associated and therefore violate Canadians basic values o Harms caused by each prostitution laws: ban on brothels, law against living off avails of prostitution, ban on street soliciting Canadians view on sex work: o More cdns believe prostitution is moral than extramarital affair or using illegal drugs are moral o Half believe current provision protect public good; other half theyre unfair bc force into unsafe situations o Half felt neither clientssex workers should be punishable with finesjail sentences o Men more accepting than women Argument against criminalization:
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