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Western University
Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Sex for sale Lecture #17 March 12, 2014 Commercial sex trade  Prostitutes, erotic dancers, phone sex workers, non therapeutic massage parlours, porn models and actresses  Service that satisfies a sexual fantasy  A person who engages in sexual acts I return for money or drugs and does so in a fairly non-discriminating fashion; prostitute  Prostitution IS NOT illegal, but many activities surrounding it (such as stopping cars, communicating in public for the purposes of engaging in prostitution, obtaining these services) are  Enforcement of statutes pertaining to prostitution are focused mainly o keeping them less visible  Minor offence, low fine  Common bawdy house: A place kept, occupied, or used by one or more persons to engage in prostitution or indecency o Keeping or being found in one is illegal o Laws are difficult to enforce  Charges disproportionally laid against female sex workers, and most charges are for communication offences  Men are more accepting  Enhancing safety of sex workers is important  Prostitution is sex work, it is a trade; they should be entitled to all benefits those in other trades get  Other Canadians believe prostitution has ruined cities and want better enforcement of laws Female Sex Workers  Commercial sex activity occurs in a number of venues o Many work the streets, while others work for escort services  Call girl: The most expensive and exclusive category of sex workers o Works out of her own residence o Dresses expensively and lives in upscale neighborhoods o Makes a lot but also has to keep up appearance o Uses the internet to book dates and therefore has control o In addition to sexual gratification, she may accompany others to social events  Brothel: A house of prostitution where sex workers and customers meet for sexual activity o More in the past, not many exist  In-call service: Residence which sex workers work regular shifts selling sexual services on an hourly basis o $150-$200 an hour and can include fellatio, cunnilingus, and sex o Usually a manager, so workers do not have as much autonomy as a call girl has; they have less choice in clients, and may have to service several customers per hour o ILLEGAL  Escort services o Out-call service: a service that send a sex worker to a location specified by the client to provide sexual services o More dangerous  Streetwalker: a lower status sex worker who works on the street selling sexual services o Most likely to get caught and have little control over their conditions and so are more likely to get assaulted The role of third parties  Pimp: a sex worker’s companion, protector, and master o Supported with workers earnings and in retune provides food, possible nailing out of jail o May abuse worker when they don’t listen  Madam: Awoman who manages a brothel,
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