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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Conception and Abortion

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Psychology 2075
Michelle Everest

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Chapter 7 Contraception and AbortionThe Pill The Patch and The Ring y Combination birth control pills oral contraceptives birth control pills containing a combination of estrogen and progestin How it Works y Works mainly by preventing ovulationy Estrogen levels are made high inhibiting FSH production and the message to ovulate is therefore never sent outy The high levels of progesterone inhibits LH production further preventing ovulation also keeps cervical mucous thick making it difficult for sperm to get through and changes the lining of the uterus in such a way that even if a fertilized egg were these implantation would be unlikely menstrual flow is reduced because development of endometrium is inhibitedyWhen estrogen and progestin are removed lining disintegrates and menstruation occursEffectivenessy Failure rate pregnancy rate the pregnancy occurring using a particular contraceptive method the percentage of women who will be pregnant after a year of using the method so say 5 women get pregnant out of 100 y Effectiveness is 100 minus the failure rate 1005 95 effectiveness y Failure rate for perfect users vs failure rate for typical users Side Effects y Blood clotting o Higher risk if over 35 and smoke o Symptoms include severe headaches severe leg or chest pain and shortness of breathy Higher blood pressurey Although can protect women from endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer it may aggravate already existing cancer such as breast cancery Taking pill for over 5 year increases risk of benign liver tumours y Increase in vaginal discharge and susceptibility to vaginitis alters chemical balance of lining y Increased susceptibility to chlamydia and gonorrhoeay Many symptoms will be reversed with switching brands weight gain appetitey 20 experience increased irritability and depression due to progesterone
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