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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 STIs

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Psychology 2075
Michelle Everest

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Chapter 8 STIsChlamydiay Bacterium that spread by sexual contact and infects genital organs of both men and womeny Most prevalent STI in Canada Symptoms y Males are thin clear discharge and pain during urination appearing 714 days after infection symptoms are similar to gonorrhoea y Females are frequently asymptomatic y Diagnosis by urine sample for men and cervical cells in womenTreatment y Curable with medicationy Poorly treatedundiagnosed may lead to complications urethral damage infection of epididymis Reiters syndrome proctitis y Women can experience PID pelvic inflammatory disease an infection and inflammation of pelvic organs such as the FT and the uterusy Baby born may develop pneumonia or eye infection HPV human papillomavirus organism causes genital warts or cervical cancerother genital cancersy Genital warts are cauliflowerlike warts appearing on the genitals around urethral opening shaft of penis scrotum vulva walls of vagina cervix y 38m after intercourse with infected persony Majority are asymptomatic but still transmit virusy Highest rate found was under 25years y Skin to skin contact including oral sex y HPV is almost all cases of cervical cancer different strands some more low risk then others Diagnosisy By inspecting warts y Can be a silent infection no obvious signsy Abnormal cells on pap testTreatmenty Several treatments for general warts are available chemicals can be appliedy Can freeze them offy Many infections go away on their own others persist for long periods y Risk of cancer with longer infectionsVaccine y Gardasil 3 shots y Best to administer before sexual activity does not effect existing infectionsy Controversy that it encourages girls to be sexually active
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