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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Sexuality in Perspective

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Psychology 2075
Michelle Everest

Chapter 1 Sexuality in PerspectiveSex and Gendery Gender the state of being male or femaley Sexual behaviour behaviour that produces arousal and increases the chance of orgasm The History of Understanding Sexuality Religion and Science Religion y Religion is a source of values and ethics regarding sexuality and as such is a powerful influence on the sexual attitudes and behaviour of many individuals y Each religion has different views on what is right and wrong in respect to sexuality y Ancient Greeks openly acknowledge both heterosexuality and homosexuality existence of double males double females and half males and half females gods fearing these creatures split them in two and the homosexuals because the split creatures and the half ones became hetero y 15thC Christians believed wet dreams sexual dysfunction and sexual lust were seen as witchcrafty Muslims believe sexual intercourse if one the finest pleasures of life and secondarily for reproduction ScienceyFocus 11 Paul The story of a gay Anglican PriestThe Media y In terms of potency of influence the mass media in North American today may play the same role that religion did in previous centuriesy The average Canadians views about sexuality are likely to be more influenced by mass media than by scientific findingsy Communication theorists believe that the media can have 3 types of influence o 1 Cultivation refers to the notion that people begin to think that what they see on TV and other media really represents the mainstream of that happens in our cultureo 2 Agendasetting the idea that the media define what is important and what is not by which stories they cover media in many ways tells us what agenda is to which we should pay attention o 3 Social Learning the idea that the media provide role models whom we imitate y Internet newest and perhaps most powerful mass media influence
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